We are a full-service medical billing service that also specializes in Workers' Compensation Lien Collections and WCAB Litigation.


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Almost anyone can send out the bills for your Workers’ Comp services.  But are you getting PAID?  Read More.

Your One-Stop resource for billing and collections of your AME and QME reports.

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Your One-Stop resource for billing and collections of your AME and QME reports. Read More.



What does it take to turn your unpaid claims and liens into cash? Read More.

About Us

Since 1988 we've been providing medical billing and collections services in California to most medical disciplines including, but not limited to, the following specialties: Neurosurgical Billing, Orthopedic Surgery, AME - Panel QME - Medical Legal, Psychiatry, Anesthesia - Pain Management, Chiropractic.

While we handle the billing for all major payor types (such as Medicare and PPOs) we are specialists in all areas of California Workers’ Compensation billing and collections. This includes not only the new 2014 billing requirements under SB863, but also the filing of liens, DOR’s and WCAB litigation for Accounts Receivables.

There is no “business as usual” atmosphere about our office, especially with all the new law changes. We know our providers count on us to maintain their bottom line even in the face of unreasonable denials and downcoding… and it’s our job to recover the maximum dollar possible on every case, month after month.

Because Workers’ Comp is as much legal as medical, our staff handles all aspects of Workers’ Comp claims, including monitoring cases through EDEX and EAMS, and all litigation processes.

We have the technology to offer on-line access to our billing software, and to provide Electronic Medical Records and other software advantages to our clients.

Give us a call to discuss all of your billing and collections needs.

Meet Our Team

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you and your business.

Lori Milas
Lori Milas
Lori Milas started a home billing service in 1988, handling the billing for a handful of local Chiropractors in Orange County. Within a year or so, she discovered a niche no one was then filling: handling Workers’ Compensation denied claims. Quickly Westshore attracted providers who were treating patients on a lien basis. Ortho’s, Neuro’s, multi specialty groups, and Chiropractors all needed knowledgeable and aggressive billing, collections and WCAB litigation in order to get paid, and Lori’s team gained the expertise in WCAB litigation. “I’ve seen the industry go through several large peaks and valleys, and we’ve always managed to hang in there, and help our doctors survive the rough times. Our goal has always been to exceed our doctor’s expectations and deliver top dollar month after month.”

In 2014 Lori Milas’ commitment is to maintain a small, personal business providing full service to select clients who want and need close partnership with their billing/collections company. “Workers’ Compensation is so complex, especially now with SB863 and other changes in the laws, and we would be doing a disservice to our clients if we skimped or avoided some of the costly and hard work on their claims. So, we’ve chosen to keep ourselves focused on the quality and integrity of our work.”

Teresa Gallaher
Teresa Gallaher brings Westshore 27 years experience managing the billing for a wide variety of specialities including Orthopedic Surgeons, OB/GYN, Psychiatry, Neurosurgery, Pain Management, Pediatric dental, Occupational Therapist, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and ASCs. Teresa manages our Staff training and development, Coding ICD9, CPT, HCPCS, and OMFS, Medicare, Medi-Cal, PPOs, HMOs.

Teresa has also established protocols for reviewing coding and billing issues on Workers’ Comp A/R allowing our team in many cases to aggressively pursue collections through Bill Reviews, Appeals and IBR rather than litigation.

Kim Strasser
Kim Strasser has become our expert in EAMS, EDEX, CompData and all things related to calendaring and WCAB litigation.
Tim Milas
Tim Milas supports our collections team and handles a large portion of our WCAB Hearings. His hands on experience at the various WCAB’s in California has given us an inside track on litigating liens.


Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Legal Billing and Collections

Q: What is your process for billing medical legal reports?

You may upload your report to our secure server through our Portal, or you may fax or email your reports to us.

Once we receive your report we will run an EAMS inquiry to verify correct party information, get the ADJ and claim numbers, and put a Case Watch on the case so that we can be appraised of all future WCAB events.

With this information, we will prepare a cover letter, CMS1500 Form and Proof of Service to serve with your report.

We will serve your report on all parties, either electronically, by FAX or by US Postal Mail.

Q: How long does it take to receive payment for my report?

We are now seeing payments to our providers in as little as (3) three business days, more commonly up to two weeks.

Q: What will you do if the insurance company will not pay for my report?

We see so many invalid and bogus objections to medical legal (PQME) reports, and these require an immediate and vigorous response.  Depending upon the circumstance, a SBR (Second Bill Review) and IBR (Independent Bill Review) may be the most effective response to enforce proper payment.  In other cases, a “Petition for Determination of Non-IBR Medical-Legal Dispute” is the proper legal step to take.  In all cases a DWC Audit Form is an important step to elicit corrective action.

Our goal is always to get your reports paid in the shortest possible time, at the maximum allowable amount.  If the insurance company delays or denies payment, we will also demand Penalties and Interest (10 and 7 percent) plus all costs and fees associated with the collection of the unpaid report.

Q: What are common errors you see in Medical Legal billing and collections?

We VERY OFTEN see reports where providers have under-coded their own reports, resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars.   There is a big difference between an ML103 and ML104!  When we bill for you, we will code your report properly to ensure you get every dollar you are entitled to. We can also advise you as to how to support your coding in future reports to ensure proper payments.

We see more and more objections to medical legal bills denying bill due to “disputed claim” which is, of course, the very reason you were asked to provide the QME!  Proper, immediate and timely response is required in order to turn the situation around and get your report paid.

Older Med-Legals may still be resolved through the lien process, and there are statutes and timeframes for filing liens on these claims.  You must observe these timeframes or risk losing your claim!



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