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Workers’ Compensation Billing, Collections & Lien Litigation

• Professional, Agressive AR Collections

• WCAB Litigation, Lien Collections 

• EAMS, EDEX, Liens, DOR's

• Maximum Reimbursement of EVERY claim

• 23 Years Experience in Workers' Comp

Please view our Powerpoint Presentation for a Visual Guide to our Lien Recovery Process.

Don't have Powerpoint, download Pdf file.

What we do for our clients.

We vigorously pursue the payment of your liens through the entire collections process, from the initial EDEX inquiry and telephone and written correspondence, to the final WCAB representation and settlement of your lien at hearings.

We manage large volumes of Accounts Receivables for our clients, providing the necessary Management and Statistical reports to keep you updated on the progress of your liens.

We provide you with exceptional customer service. You will never be made to feel that you are inconveniencing us by calling our office and speaking to our staff.

"Westshore has successfully collected in excess of $500,000.00 for us in the past five months. 
The majority of collections have come from litigated and previously denied claims and often the claims
had to be rebilled and recoded... We couldn't be happier with the excellent service."
 - PK Foothill Ranch

How do we do this ?

  • Immediately filing EDEX inquiry to determine Case-in-Chief status and to verify all responsible parties.

  • File lien on your behalf through EAMS, along with all documentation so that it will become a permanent part of the WCAB file.

  • Contacting payers and/or their attorneys by written correspondence and telephone to discuss lien negotiation.

  • Determine the issues and denials of both the Case-in-Chief and your specific lien, and frame the merits of your claim for the max. payment of your lien.

  • Demand that defense is also held accountable on issues such as MPN's, UR denials, and refusal to pay Penalties and Interest.
In the absence of successful informal lien settlement, we file DOR's,
and represent you at WCAB hearings, Trials and Appeals.

Why Westshore Lien Management ?

When considering a lien management company, we think you should consider all that Westshore Lien Management has to offer:

•  EAMS Participation - We are proud to say that Westshore Lien Management is one of a select few companies in the entire state of California that has been allowed to participate in the EAMS E-Form Trial program. Due to our participation in this program, we are able to schedule lien hearings for your cases months ahead of anyone else. We can serve your liens, exhibits, and reports electronically, and make them a permanent part of the WCAB file. We can also access all WCAB information instantly through EAMS. While others are dependent on US mail delivery, and hoping that their documentation is received and noted at the WCAB, we have instant electronic confirmation that your liens are on file and are protected and that our Hearings are calendared at the soonest possible date.

•  Experienced Workers' Comp Billers – The fact that we are part of a company that also has a Workers' Compensation Billing Department gives us an enormous edge in the collection of your liens. We refer all liens to our billers for a review of OMFS, CPT and diagnostic Coding, and to determine the fees that should be paid for your services. Our billing team knows whether a resubmission with better or more appropriate coding might result in higher reimbursement. We deal with Bill Review companies every day… so we are not just “negotiating” a percentage of your liens in the dark, we know exactly what you should be paid.

•  Strong, Aggressive Collections Team . Our collectors have many years of experience in the collections of Workers' Compensation liens. They understand the denials so frequently received on liens, from MPN issues to UR denials, to denials of Case-in-Chief, and they know how to best respond and demand payment. Most of our liens are resolved BEFORE hearings.

•  Expert WCAB Representation – We have exceptional Hearing Representatives at every WCAB in California, who demand every penny to which you are entitled.

Experience and professionalism - We know how to get your liens paid, and we are committed to recovering the maximum amount of money for each account, in the soonest possible time.

Please view our Powerpoint Presentation to learn more. Don't have Powerpoint, download the Acrobat Pdf version.

We understand that it is your money. We'll get you paid.

Westshore Lien Management - call us today!

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